Life Members

The early establishment and continued success of Wyong District Netball Association can be largely attributed to a passionate group of volunteers, many of whom have dedicated decades to the sport of netball. The highest accolade for any member of WDNA is to be presented with a Life Membership to the Association. Please take a moment to look through the list of past and present members who have achieved this honour.

Carol Field
Lois Bentley
Val Carroll 
Cynthia Cameron
Wendy Condon
Trish Davies
Eunice Dolbel
Robyn Earley
Liane Harrison
Janet Hoddinott
Gaye Greentree
Glenda Hofland
Jacqui Hogan
Beryl Foster
Helen James
Ruth Kent
Sandra MacDougall
Carol Sternbeck
Margaret Kilmore
Margaret Hoddinott
Janice Klus
Margaret Smith
Frank Passmore
Denise McMahon
Helen Murray
Kay Warton
Pat Unger
Pat Lawrence
Lorinda Lombardelli
Chris Miles
Keith Woodbury
Sue Woodbury