General Information

The WDNA competition is 18 weeks in length and all games will count. If games are cancelled due to wet weather these games will not be replayed. 

Registrations will be accepted on Saturday 1st March 2014. Each player must have their name entered on an official team sheet to allow for grading. No player will be permitted to play in the WDNA competition until registration has been checked with the registrar. It is the club's responsibility to sight birth certificates for all junior players and collect registration fees. Unfinancial members will not be permitted to take the court. The Association recommends that junior players play in their correct age groups, if possible, exceptions may be made by the General Assembly in extenuating circumstances.


Late registrations are allowed. The following procedure will occur for 2014. Registrations will be taken between 9am-11am for all players. Clubs registering players in the 12 years and under competition and A division players will be eligible to play on that day provided they meet registration requirements. All other players cannot take the court until the following Saturday. The committee has the right to allow or disallow a player to play in a nominated grade. This must be done to ensure correct grading of teams is maintained.


Umpiring is Umpire Your Own for all grades other than those taken by the Umpiring Committee. Each umpire is to wear all white or club uniform. White tracksuits are permitted. All umpires must ensure that they arrive to the game on time and check nails, jewellery etc as per rule book.

If an umpire does not turn up for their allocated game and their club cannot provide a replacement within 5 minutes after the official starting time a fine of $55 will be imposed on that club and must be paid to the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer or Umpire's Committee by the following week or that umpire will be declared an unfinancial member.

Umpires must sign the scoresheet at the finish of the game.


Books are available at a cost of $5 (+ GST). Please make sure you bring your score book each week. If you forget your book, you can ask the opposing team to score instead. All relevant information is on the cover of the score books. After each game the yellow official sheet is to be returned to the scoresheet box which is located at the club house by the winning team. Penalties will apply if you do not return your scoresheet before the end of the day's competition.

There are no appeals for wrong scores on the score sheet. If your team is not the official scorer for the day, make sure you have an official standing with the scorer throughout the game. All appeals/protests/disputes must be in writing on the appropriate forms by an Executive member of the club concerned within 48 hours of the incident. All appeals must state valid reason for the action taken. The appeal form must be then forwarded to the WDNA Secretary. Score sheets are not considered an appropriate form.
Clubs will be allocated time slots for semi finals, finals and grand finals on Week 18 (August 31st). It is the club's responsibility to notify their te ams of game times. If a team fails to turn up for their game during the final series due to extenuating circumstances the Executive of WDNA reserve the right to reschedule the game time if they deem that one team has been disadvantaged.
For all junior teams (12 years and under), if the scores are even at full time they will be declared joint premiers. The team receiving the trophy on the day will be determined by a toss of the coin between both captains. Trophies for the other team will be given to the club ASAP after Grand Final day. For all other divisions extra time will be played.
The physiotherapist in attendance at the Baker Park Netball Complex for the 2013 season is Matt Jones from Lake Munmorah Physio. Matt will be available for consultation throughout the day. Players requiring strapping before a game must provide their own tape or it can be purchased from the physio.

Lost property is kept at the central control area until the end of each season. It will then be given to local charities if not claimed.


No sharp adornments or items of jewellery of any sort shall be worn other than a wedding ring or medical alert bracelet, and these must be taped securely.


Fingernails are to be cut short. Non-abrasive gloves may be worn but no long nails or jewellery is permitted under the gloves. Players can be asked to remove their gloves for checking by the umpires.

It is the responsibility of the association members to see that all litter is placed in the bins provided around the courts. Coaches/Managers are requested to ensure that their teams remove litter from the courts after their game. Council rangers will frequent the courts during the season to see if the new litter laws are being observed. Spot checks will be taken throughout the day and teams will be fined $5.50 per team if there is rubbish left in their area. Clubs are reminded again to supervise each of their teams.
In accordance with the Clean Air Act 2000, smoking is now prohibited on and around the court areas of the Baker Park Netball Complex. To view the complete WDNA Smoking Policy please see the Resource Library.